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Big Sky Breakout

Welcome to Big Sky Breakout! What is an Escape Room? Big Sky Breakout is a live interactive group gaming experience. You and your team are locked in one of our 5 themed rooms for ONE…

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Blue Mountain Observatory

Blue Mountain Observatory is located at the peak of Blue Mountain. Less than a one-hour drive from downtown Missoula, visitors will reach the observatory and catch a glimpse of what all Blue Mountain has to…

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Blue Mountain Recreation Area

Exploring the Blue Mountain Recreation Area can be done in multiple different ways. This 4,900-acre area includes a trail network that expands 41-miles! The trail system here at Blue Mountain involves trails for OHV, horse…

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Clark Fork River Market

Clark Fork River Market is located at the heart of Missoula. The market is surrounded by beautiful views of the Clark Fork River and is right next to Caras Park, where shoppers can watch surfers…

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Conflux Brewing Company

Summer of 2018, the Conflux Brewing Company got its start in the middle of downtown Missoula. This is a family-owned business, where their main priority is all about keeping it local. As Conflux strives for…

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Goldsmith’s Bed and Breakfast

Goldsmith’s Bed and Breakfast is located on the banks of the Clark Fork River, not far from where it’s believed Lewis and Clark camped, near the confluence of the Clark Fork River and Rattlesnake Creek.…

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Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

History has unfolded over the centuries, which has left an abundance of stories that give us a foundation to understand the present. The story of Fort Missoula begins in 1877, when it acted as a…

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Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures

Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures offers you the chance to confront the same obstacles, to enjoy the same triumphs, and to walk the same path that Lewis and Clark Traveled. We have carefully chosen areas…

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Lumberjaxe Throwing Company

Lumberjaxe Throwing Company is an indoor urban axe throwing facility that is located in Missoula, Montana. This facility features eight throwing lanes that comfortably accommodate six guests per lane. Each lane has two targets and…

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Missoula Carousel and Caras Park

In the heart of downtown Missoula sits the Carousel for Missoula and Caras Park. They sit perched above the Clark Fork River with sweeping views of Mount Sentinel and offer a hub of activity. Missoula…

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Missoula, Montana

Missoula is a friendly, outdoorsy, supportive city in western Montana, a city surrounded by beautiful scenery that lies just north of the Rockies and that is fully submerged in the Lolo National Forest and the…

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Missoulian Angler Fly Shop

When Lewis and Clark came upon Traveler’s Rest, they were awed by the beauty of the Bitterroot valley. But they added a lot of miles to their journey because they found no Salmon smolt in…

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Montana Museum of Art and Culture

For over 125 years, the Montana Museum of Art and Culture has presented a variety of art to visitors. The museum is currently home to nearly 12,000 artworks, making it the state’s largest publicly-owned art…

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Montana Natural History Center

In 1991 a group of diverse educators came together to form an environmental education program centered around the natural history of western Montana. The mission of the Montana Natural History Center is to promote and…

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Museum of Mountain Flying

The Museum of Mountain Flying traces its roots back to 1993 when it was a three-acre “boneyard” of Johnson Flying Service. Stan Cohen, Dick Komberec, and Steve Smith decided to turn this land into a…

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Radius Gallery

In 2014, Lisa Simon and Jason Neal opened Radius Gallery. Their motive was to present the skills and sensibilities of artists they admire while connecting those artists to discerning collectors. Radius Gallery is now a…

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Rattlesnake National Recreation Area & Wilderness

The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness is distinguished by mountain peaks, forested ridges, and breathtaking lakes. Located four miles north of Missoula, The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness is home to 32,000-acres designated…

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Red Hen Farm

Red Hen Farm in Missoula focuses on providing local and fresh produce and fruit to the community or visitors, as well as peace from the farm for anyone to come enjoy. The farm has U-Pick…

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River City Brews Rafting Tours

River City Brews provides a unique way to experience the Montana landscape as you float through breathtaking sections of the Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers. The relaxing adventure will begin as you will be picked…

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The Dana Gallery

Since 1996, the Dana Gallery, located in downtown Missoula, has displayed regional Western artworks. The gallery represents over thirty artists. With 4,00 square feet of exhibition space, it is the largest contemporary art gallery in…

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