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Big Sky Breakout

Big Sky Breakout


Thursday-Sunday: 11am-9pm book online or by phone. And Monday-Wednesday: 12pm-8pm by appointment only, call to reserve your game!
Youth (8-13) $15, Adults $25, All Students/Seniors/Military $20, Thrifty Thursdays $20 tickets for all adults, Children younger than 8, please call for accommodation.
lat: 46.8780767 long: -113.993615

Welcome to Big Sky Breakout!

What is an Escape Room?
Big Sky Breakout is a live interactive group gaming experience. You and your team are locked in one of our 5 themed rooms for ONE HOUR. You have to solve puzzles, discover hidden clues, crack codes, and unlock secret mysteries and passage ways to break out before the hour is up! It is a fun, entirely unique entertainment experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Click below to look at our 5 themed escape rooms.

Legends of FireDeception DepotPinetti’s Prestige,  Treasure State or Through the Looking Glass.

What is a Puzzle Hunt? That’s a big question because they can be so different… our puzzle hunts incorporate physical puzzles, scavenger hunting, clues from the real world, and augmented reality (AR) with a tablet. Puzzle hunts are point-based, not time based. We offer Operation Checkmate, a unique Downtown Missoula gaming experience.

We also offer two off-site games that can be played anywhere within 3 hours of Missoula. Come experience Big Sky Breakout- where you don’t just play the game, you live the game!

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