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Lumberjaxe Throwing Company

Lumberjaxe Throwing Company


Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-10pm Friday 2pm-11pm Saturday 12pm-11pm Sunday 12pm-5pm (Monday Closed)
$20/person/1hour, $28/person/2hours, mobile unit $900/3 hours + $100 of every additional hour
lat: 46.8517757 long: -114.0175587

Lumberjaxe Throwing Company is an indoor urban axe throwing facility that is located in Missoula, Montana. This facility features eight throwing lanes that comfortably accommodate six guests per lane. Each lane has two targets and will be accompanied by an axe coach to teach you the safety, technique, and rules/regulations of the game. If you are planning to axe throw by yourself or with another person, walk-in’s are acceptable. However, if you plan to attend with a larger group, booking ahead will secure your spot! Lumberjaxe Throwing Company also offers to come to you! With a mobile axe throwing bay, your friends and family can now throw axes at any event and can accommodate up to 100 throwers! So now you’re addicted to axe throwing, right? Want to join the axe throwing league? Yes, that’s right! Lumberjaxe Throwing Company puts on a six-week league where you can earn the ultimate title of axe league champion! Bring your friends and get your axe over here!

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