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Conflux Brewing Company

Conflux Brewing Company


Monday-Friday: 1pm-8pm Saturday-Sunday: 11:30pm-8pm
lat: 46.8709136 long: -113.9927531

Summer of 2018, the Conflux Brewing Company got its start in the middle of downtown Missoula. This is a family-owned business, where their main priority is all about keeping it local. As Conflux strives for the best quality, they achieve their goal by utilizing local ingredients for their beer and food. The Conflux atmosphere is welcoming and positive as it supports locally produced products and practices sustainability. As a family-owned business, the Conflux Brewing Company’s layout is focused to host families. With kid-friendly food and engaging play areas, areas for groups, couples, and individuals can choose from an outdoor patio on each floor, bar seating, and two dining room areas. The Conflux brews it’s beers on-site with changing beers on tap often as well as implementing seasonal specials that include kettle sours, wood-aged beers, and much more. The food menu is all about handcrafted comfort food with a southern twist. The simplistic of the food is made to highlight the locally sourced ingredients and let them talk for themselves. Swing in, grab a beer, relax, and support the Missoula community!

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