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Water People Tours

Water People Tours


Monday- Thursday: 8AM–6PM / Friday - Saturday: Open 24 hours / Sunday: Closed
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lat: 47.8363476 long: -114.3235107

Kisuk Kyukyit (Good Day), Water People Tours provide a one-of-a kind experience with interesting Kootenai historical facts and stories relevant to Kootenai aboriginal territories (British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, and Washington) including the Flathead Valley, Flathead Indian Reservation and Glacier National Park.

c. She is a direct descendant of Chief Koostahtah’s Sister Marian Big Knife and late Kootenai Chief Baptiste Mathias.

“I am familiar with the land, history and can answer a variety of questions,” says Keya. “Water People Tours offers informative briefings on the areas origins and significant events that have taken place here and the surrounding areas.”

The Ktunaxa (Kootenai) have been referred to as the Water People because they were very adept around water and developed original tools and equipment (such as the sturgeon-nosed canoe and fish traps) that facilitated their life in and around bodies of water. Today all 7 of the modern Kootenai Tribes residing in the US and Canada continue to live around major lakes and rivers.

“As a direct descendant of our Kootenai Chiefs and brought up in a traditional Kootenai home, I’m happy to have the opportunity to provide you with a one of ­a kind tour experience by sharing the stories and the oral history of the First Nations People.”

Exclusive Glacier National Park Tours

  • 2 person minimum
  • 6-8 Hour

National Bison Range

  • 2 person minimum
  • 3-4 Hours

Water People Education Tours

  • 2 person minimum
  • 1-2 Hours

Flathead Lake

  • 2 person minimum
  • 2-3 Hours

Museum Tours

  • 2 person minimum
  • 2-3 Hours

Interested in a custom tour? We can discuss options for tours of the National Bison Range, Glacier National Park, bird watching in the wildlife refuges, hiking the Missions, fishing and horse back riding.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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Blackfoot River Beginning

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Lolo Trail to Nee Me Poo Trail #40

lat: 46.58654 long: -114.73281
Buffalo Jump

lat: 47.4796208 long: -111.5247388
Coal Banks Landing to Eagle Creek

lat: 48.0338635 long: -110.2279854
Black Sandy Lake Access

lat: 46.7455285 long: -111.8866754
Nine Mile to Mcnamara

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Lemhi Pass Road

lat: 44.9579032 long: -113.3652553
Tower Rock Trail

lat: 47.188617 long: -111.8101938
Explorers at Portage

lat: 47.4925734 long: -111.3073279
Old Buffalo Trail 3

lat: 46.9547545 long: -113.5255417
Mcnamara to Bonner

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Portage Camp Overlook

lat: 47.5052849 long: -111.3007715
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