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Bison Range Restoration

Bison Range Restoration


Monday-Sunday Gate Hours: 7am-8pm Visitor Center (Museum/Gift shop): 7am-7pm Red Sleep Drive: 7am-last drive allowed at 6pm Buffalo Prairie Drive: 7am-last drive allowed at 7pm
(406) 644-2211
Day Pass Price: $10 per vehicle Annual Pass Price: $20 per vehicle (expires at the end of the calendar year) CSKT Tribal Members are free
lat: 47.4870229 long: -114.0999035

For a more unique farm experience, you may want to check out the Bison Range! The Bison Range focuses less on products and more on wildlife. They also focus on conservation, so rather than being a working farm, the range was made to show the beauty of this species that almost went extinct! You can drive through the range and watch the bison graze and live their everyday lives. They truly are majestic creatures. The range has a long history and has gone through many different iterations before becoming what it has today. After many years of working through laws and policies, the range is now managed by the National Wildlife Refuge along with the Salish and Kootenai Tribes. 

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Nearby Trails

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Clearwater to Dunnigan Gulch

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Hauser Hiking Trail

A trail starting at Hauser Dam and overlooking the Missouri River.

lat: 46.765794328365 long: -111.88708305359
Hole in the Wall to Judith Landing

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Missouri River Right

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
Russell Gates to Clearwater River

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Rogers Pass

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Lolo Trail to Nee Me Poo Trail #40

lat: 46.58654 long: -114.73281
Old Buffalo Trail 1

lat: 46.9547545 long: -113.5255417
Eagle Creek to Hole in the Wall

lat: 47.8317525 long: -110.074063
Judith Landing to Woodhawk Wilderness

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Lewis and Clark Pass

lat: 47.1427216 long: -112.4289137
Tower Rock Trail

lat: 47.188617 long: -111.8101938
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