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Wellknown Buffalo Tipi Stays

Wellknown Buffalo Tipi Stays


Closed Sundays / Monday - Saturdays: 9am - 5pm
Rustic Tipi Stay Near the Little Big Horn River $100.00 to $300.00, Guided Horse Back Rides on to the Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument $100.00 to $300.00
lat: 45.5363892 long: -107.4262763

Extraordinary opportunity to experience the Crow culture and learn the Native perspective of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Tipi Stays are part of the Cultural Immersion opportunity visitors experience at the Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus is located on I90, only 3 miles south of the entrance to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument on the Crow Reservation in Montana. We are easily accessible from two exits and receive many visitors on their way to Montana’s famous Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks!

Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus is a little known historic property adjacent to the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument. It is named after “Sha Eh Gush” (Wellknown Buffalo) the great grandmother of the current owner, Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo. “Sha Eh Gush” was a traditional Crow Indian woman, a mother to many, an herbalist and a healer. She built her own home board by board and lived on wild game and produce from her garden. Her powerful medicine was sacred and she was well respected in the community.

Visitors enjoy the convenience of a cafe, coffee shop, and an authentic Native art and gift shop all on one campus. These social enterprises support the work of “The Center Pole”, a 501c3 non-profit organization which is also located on the Wellknown Buffalo Campus.

After signing in at the Wellknown Buffalo Café and Gift Shop, guests can explore the Wellknown Buffalo “Living Culture Campus” and will be escorted down to the riverside Tipi Camp. Guests will camp in rustic comfort in one of our tipis on the banks of the beautiful Little Big Horn River. Evenings will feature a catered Traditional Dinner, Language and Dance lessons, storytelling, culture sharing and the choice to participate in a sweat.

We are family friendly and welcome elders!

Activities you may choose to experience:

~ Guided Horse Back Rides direct from camp  on to the Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument. Native Guides. Experienced Horse Handlers

~ Learn about Crow healing and prayer.

~ Help heal historic wounds on a guided ride to the battlefield.

~ Learn multi-tribal stories and perspectives about the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

~ Spend the night under the stars on the Battlefield in a private tipi.

~ Hear Elders tell stories from the Crow point of view.

~ Crow Language Lesson.

~ Storytelling.

~ Learn traditional “Round” or “Push” Dance.

~ Visit the Medicine Tipi.

~ Learn why and how to smudge.

~ Participate in a sweat lodge.

Wellknown Buffalo Café is open for an “Oatmeal Bar” breakfast, delicious bakery items, or hot fresh flat bread made in our tandoor oven. We have daily lunch specials and also prepare box lunches for our Tipi Stay guests, horseback trail riders and the general public. Our coffee bar features fresh roasted free trade coffee, quality whole bean specialty coffees; traditional, espresso, and iced blended coffee drinks; Italian sodas; and tea-based drinks. We begin with the finest coffees, micro-roasted on location in small batches to create the smoothest, best tasting coffee. This unique roasting process allows us to achieve maximum flavor while delivering the freshest roasted coffee within days of roasting.

Guests may browse our adjoining gift shop where they get a glimpse of the culture and traditional ways of the Crow people through local art, jewelry, and traditional medicinal herbs and minerals. All art and jewelry is made by authentic Native artisans. Crow Voices Radio station is located in the same building and our radio hosts enjoy interviewing our diverse visitors!

We welcome you and are always excited to share our fascinating history and beautiful culture with our worldwide visitors!

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