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Clark and Sacagawea Statue

Clark and Sacagawea Statue


Open to the public
Free Admission
lat: 46.2927655 long: -107.2342299

In the small town of Hysham, Montana, visitors will find a unique tribute to Captain Clark, Jean Baptiste, and an unidentified hunter of the Corps of Discovery. However, the key attribute that gives this site even more weighted significance is the tribute to a core member of the intrepid explorers. The story of Lewis & Clark is not complete without Sacagawea.

Local sculpture Bob Schulze created this work of art from wood. The statues are located on the lawn adjacent to the Yucca Theater which was built in 1931 in the Spanish Mission style of architecture.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the theater is across the street from the Treasure County 89ers Museum which explains the history of the area. Any history buff or art aficionado passing through Hysham, Montana should not skip this monument to the historic woman who played an integral role of our history.

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