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Old Pogue Distillery

Old Pogue Distillery


Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm
lat: 38.6623028 long: -83.7800124

With a history dating back to the end of the civil war, Old Pogue Distillery has its foundations in the very art of bourbon distilling!

In 1876, the original Pogue distillery, Kentucky registered distillery No. 3, was established in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, very near a site often said to be the location of Kentucky’s first bourbon distillery.

Located in Old Bourbon County, it was near this very site that pioneers in distilling discovered that the Indian corn and limestone water of the region made a product of mellow character and distinguished flavor.

On these historical grounds, enrich your body and mind in the art of brewing. Visitors can take guided tours through these historical grounds learning about the intricate art of brewing, the Pogue Family, and the history of bourbon in the museum!

At the end of the tour, visitors can taste superior quality, small-batch authentic bourbon and rye spirits that are made on-site!


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