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Kentucky Gateway Museum Center

Kentucky Gateway Museum Center


Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm, year-round
lat: 38.6481745 long: -83.7670638

Kentucky Gateway Museum Center: three historic collections in one dynamic place. Explorers. Movie Stars. Artists. Pioneers. Slaves. Everyone who ever passed through this part of Kentucky or called it home left a story behind. Some are stories of courage and great achievement, others of love and everyday survival. The more we explore those struggles and dreams, the more we understand our own. Now, by showcasing three dynamic collections in one place, the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center brings all the stories of the region into fascinating focus:

– The Genealogical and Historical Research Library, sheds light on the people and events of a seven-county area through an extensive collection of books, manuscripts and documents from colonial times.

– The Regional History Museum illuminates the past through award-winning dioramas, more than 4,000 regional artifacts and a gallery of fine art related to the area.

– The Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection looks at the world from a new perspective through mesmerizing, 1/12-scale reproductions of homes, furnishings, clothing, artwork and people.

– The Old Pogue Experience collection of authentic artifacts and documents outlines Maysville development of bourbon from the late 1700s to mid-1800s; the heyday of three prominent distilleries (Pogue, Limestone, Poyntz); the dark days of Prohibition; the post-prohibition era; and the renaissance of Old Pogue today.

– The Changing Exhibits Gallery that has been host to award-winning traveling exhibits such as the “The World We Create”, “Children Just Like Me”, “The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre”, “Brain Teasers”, “Everybody Eats”, “Herblock” and many others.

Step outside the Center, and you’ll discover that Maysville’s stately architecture has more than a few great tales to tell, as does the pioneer graveyard located behind the Center. Before tomorrow becomes yesterday, we invite you to get the whole story at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center!

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