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Lewis & Clark KATY Trailhead Plaza

Lewis & Clark KATY Trailhead Plaza


Open 24 hours
Free Admission
lat: 38.5785069 long: -92.1715474

Jefferson City now has many sites to recognize its connection to Lewis and Clark, including a monument that sits next to the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, known officially as the Lewis and Clark Monument at the Katy Trailhead Plaza.

The monument is located near the corner of Jefferson Street and Capitol Avenue on the capitol grounds overlooking the Jefferson Landing Historic Site and the Missouri River. Dedicated on June 4, 2008 the plaza includes Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, York, George Druillard (French-Canadian-Shawnee hunter and interpreter) and Seaman (Lewis’ Newfoundland dog). Besides these main characters, items such as a journal, telescope, guns and hats are portrayed within the monument. The sculpture commemorates the date of June 4, 1804 when the Corps of Discovery encamped in the area, which eventually became the state capitol.

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