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Jefferson City Greenway Trail

Jefferson City Greenway Trail


Open dusk until dawn
Free Admission
lat: 38.5950447 long: -92.3012141

Not just a single trail, Jefferson City’s Greenway Trail is actually a trail system consisting of a multi-use network designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a safe alternative route from the busy streets. The goal behind the Greenway Trail System is to connect pillars of the Jefferson City community such as schools, neighborhoods, small businesses, and parks. The trail gets its name from the term ‘greenway’, which bands together small strips of land beside the trails that are maintained with minimal infrastructure development.

Walking, biking and skating are all encourage on this popular and roughly 15-mile Jefferson City Trail. Visit to learn about the different sections of the Jefferson City Greenway Trail.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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The Gateway Arch

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