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J. Howard Bradbury Memorial Logging Museum

J. Howard Bradbury Memorial Logging Museum


12.00 - 4.00 p.m.
+1 208-464-2677
Admission by donation available
lat: 46.491043 long: -115.7999007

The Museum is located in a historic 1920s log cabin in the town of Pierce, and is described as a source of community pride by preserving the local mining and logging history through artifacts, logging equipment and photographs. Its grounds are near a park with a picnic area and Idaho’s first public building – the 1862 Shoshone County Courthouse. In 1860, Captain E.D. Pierce and a half- dozen gold seeker were led though the mountains by secret route by Chief Timothy’s daughter, Jane. With this discovery of gold in Canal Creek, thousands of miners poured into the area in search of gold. In 1861, Pierce was established, the first town in Idaho.

Special group tours are also available so if you happen to be somewhere near Pierce, make sure to stop by the Memorial Logging Museum to explore this important part of the history of Idaho.

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