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Crimson Bluffs

Crimson Bluffs


Crimson Bluffs Trailhead is accessible 24/7 throughout the year.
There is no fee to park or visit Crimson Bluffs.
Crimson Bluffs are pet friendly, but be aware of prickly pears and other cactus.
lat: 46.3130812 long: -111.5458988

Lewis Journal — July 24, 1805, “…passed a remarkable bluff of crimson coloured earth on Starboard intermixed with Stratas of black and brick red slate.” The historic view of the Crimson Bluffs described in 1805 by Capt. Meriwether Lewis is largely unchanged today.

There is a fenced parking area with signage on River Road, near Townsend, MT. Crimson Bluffs are accessible only by foot traffic a short distance from the parking area. The best view of the Crimson Bluffs is from the Missouri River, heading upstream in early morning light.  “Capt. Clark actually didn’t see the Crimson Bluffs when they came through,” according to local historian, Troy Helmick. “He was walking along the shore at that time up on the top of the bluff.” It was Capt. Lewis, the men, Sacagawea and Pomp who had the best view from their canoes.


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