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Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Canyon Ferry Reservoir


lat: 46.4822536 long: -111.5446187

Canyon Ferry Reservoir is a significant recreation area in Montana thanks to its proximity to Helena, Great Falls and Butte. What is more, given its size and location, it is considered as one of the most popular lakes in the state. Around the reservoir, there are 24 recreation sites managed by the Bureau of Reclamation. In July of 1805 the Lewis and Clark Expedition travelled through the Canyon Ferry area with the aim to explore and map the Missouri River. Lewis described that area as a beautiful and extensive plain country of about 10 to 12 miles wide which extended upwards “further than an eye could see”.

Numerous state recreation areas are located around Canyon Ferry Lake, and some of them have Lewis and Clark interpretation. When you come visit the Reservoir, you will be able to experience the abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities available on these public lands. What is more, the area is said to be one of the best in the country for viewing large concentrations of bald eagles. Not to mention its excellent accessibility, with numerous special designated access sites all around the lake!

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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Hole in the Wall to Judith Landing

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Mcnamara to Bonner

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Coal Banks Landing to Eagle Creek

lat: 48.0338635 long: -110.2279854
St Lawrence Creek Fishing Access

lat: 45.7109992 long: -111.0506995
Decision Point

lat: 47.9249036 long: -110.4985534
Beaver Creek to Hauser Lake

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
Upper Hauser Lake

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River, sometimes called the Big Blackfoot River to distinguish it from the Little Blackfoot River, is a snow-fed and spring-fed river in western Montana.

lat: 46.9177068 long: -113.6781495
Tower Rock Trail

lat: 47.188617 long: -111.8101938
Lolo Trail to Nee Me Poo Trail #40

lat: 46.58654 long: -114.73281
Portage Camp Overlook

lat: 47.5052849 long: -111.3007715
Clearwater to Dunnigan Gulch


lat: 46.9505625 long: -113.5433125
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