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Atalaya Properties

A perfect get-away or business home away from home lodging. A handsome, totally remodeled 1800’s loft apartment in Historic Downtown Maysville, Kentucky. The unit features an eclectic mix of antiques and modern amenities sure to…

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Babz Bistro

Babz Bistro is a food truck located in downtown Maysville. With a southern flare and creative taste bud, they offer something for everyone. They have a few menu staples but pride themselves on a seasonal…

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Bradley’s Boutique and Haberdashery

Bradley’s Boutique and Haberdashery is a high-end boutique and consignment shop. Experience the finer things in life at Bradley’s Boutique and Haberdashery. Located in the beautiful town of Maysville, Kentucky, this one-of-a-kind store offers a…

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Caproni’s Restaurant & Bar

Caproni’s has been a Maysville dining tradition since the 1930’s when it was a sandwich shop for railroad workers. In the early years, the railroad station was a source of customers for the restaurant. Located…

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Christian Treasures

Christian Treasures is an independent Christian Bookstore/Gift Shop in the heart of historic downtown Maysville, Kentucky.  The bookstore is housed in a 80-plus year old building that endured the 1937 flood and was the iconic…

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Christie Toffan’s Boutique and Salon

Located in beautiful Maysville, Kentucky, Christie Toffan’s boutique is a charming little shop just blocks away from the great Ohio River! In the front of the studio, you’ll find a wonderful variety of artwork created…

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College Café and Bakery

Taste flavorsome foods and sweets made with passion at The College Café! The College Café and Bakery serves food and sweets made by students in the Culinary Arts Program through the Maysville Community and Technical…

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Crowe Bar

Crowe Bar is a Maysville institution spanning over 30 years of great times. We’ve been rocking downtown Maysville in a couple of locations, but we’ve been smack dab in the middle of Market Street for…

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Cummins Nature Preserve

Cummins Nature Preserve is a 110 acre recreation area located just minutes from the heart of Maysville. Through proper preservation this unique location offers hiking/walking trails, animal habitats and endless educational opportunities. Free guided hikes…

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Dear Faith

The Dear Faith boutique specializes in women’s and children’s clothing and accessories and has new arrivals every week. This charming little boutique offers a range of specialty handcrafted clothing items for women and children! These…

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Step back in time to our 1950’s Americana-themed diner. Located in the heart of downtown, you’ll find American classics being served up Mondays through Saturdays! Our specialties are our burgers. Tuck into the 1-pound Zeus…

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Downtown Maysville Historic & Entertainment District

The Downtown Maysville Historic & Entertainment District offers up its vibrant history while embracing its boundless future. Through architecture, significant sites, attractions, parks, shopping, dining, and local watering holes, Maysville is a small town that…

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Early Dawn Designs

Got something to say, say it with a t-shirt! Located in the beautiful town of Maysville, Kentucky, this one-of-a-kind specialty shop offers unique services to its customers, including graphics printing and embroidery.  At this unique…

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EAT Gallery

The E.A.T Gallery is one of the absolute staples of historic Maysville, Kentucky. Here, visitors can get a sense of what it is like to shop in a traditional small-town boutique without sacrificing quality. Located…

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French Quarter Inn

People come to the French Quarter Inn located in Maysville, Kentucky for a lot of different reasons. Some visit for the beautiful terrace, local history, artwork such as the Maysville floodwall murals, and the view…

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Hay House

Located in the beautiful Old Historic district of Maysville, Kentucky, only blocks away from the great Ohio Rive, The Hay House has some truly unique items in store! The Hay House is a charming little…

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Kenton Stories with Spirit

Kenton Stories with Spirits is truly a unique place! This cozy hole-in-the-wall shop is a home away from home. Visitors can browse a collection of books after uncorking one of the many refreshments offered in-house.…

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Kentucky Gateway Museum Center

Kentucky Gateway Museum Center: three historic collections in one dynamic place. Explorers. Movie Stars. Artists. Pioneers. Slaves. Everyone who ever passed through this part of Kentucky or called it home left a story behind. Some…

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Lawrence Creek Campground & Bar

Initially opened in 1974 by the Hayden family, Lawrence Creek Campground is situated on 32 acres of wooded, waterside property. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend, stopping on your way to another destination, or coming…

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Lee House Inn

The Lee House Inn is located on the edge of the Ohio River (formerly Sutton Landing) in the City of Maysville, Kentucky. The Lee House comprises three contiguous buildings constructed in different periods, in three…

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