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Traveling up Lolo Pass

Traveling up Lolo Pass


Monday 7:30AM–3PM Thursday 7:30AM–8PM Friday 7:30AM–8PM Saturday 7:30AM–3PM Sunday 7:30AM–3PM Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
(208) 942-3113
lat: 46.635240948426 long: -114.58011746407

Lolo Pass, at 5,233 feet, lies between the border of Idaho and Montana. It is the highest point in the historic Lolo Trail, and was used by the Nez Perce.

Lolo Pass is a place of recreation, all year long. Snow often will begin falling as early as October (and sometimes earlier), allowing for winter sports through April. During the summer, waterfalls, wildflowers and wildlife all make for the perfect hiking, biking, and camping getaway.

In the spring and summer, Lolo Pass is a place to view the majestic bright blue camas blooms. Visit Packer Meadows, the top of Lolo Pass, to see a field of blue waves.

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