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The Sanders Bed & Breakfast

The Sanders Bed & Breakfast


(406) 442-3309
lat: 46.588425 long: -112.03446

Named one of the 100 best B&Bs in the United States and Canada, the Sanders is guaranteed to be a lovely place to stay! The Sanders is a restored mansion that was originally constructed in 1875. The rooms feature everything from circus antiques to spectacular views of Helena. Each room is an excellent combination of vintage beauty and modern amenities. The Sanders is within walking range of both Helena’s historic district and local shops.

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South Shore Trail

lat: 47.534344 long: -111.2047707
Hauser Hiking Trail

A trail starting at Hauser Dam and overlooking the Missouri River.

lat: 46.765794328365 long: -111.88708305359
Black Sandy Lake Access

lat: 46.7455285 long: -111.8866754
Lewis and Clark Pass

lat: 47.1427216 long: -112.4289137
Ryan Dam

lat: 47.5695678 long: -111.1240541
Lolo Trail to Nee Me Poo Trail #40

lat: 46.58654 long: -114.73281
Judith Landing to Woodhawk Wilderness

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Old Buffalo Trail 1

lat: 46.9547545 long: -113.5255417
Buffalo Jump

lat: 47.4796208 long: -111.5247388
Upper Hauser Lake

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
Blackfoot River Beginning

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Coal Banks Landing to Eagle Creek

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
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