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Reeder’s Alley

Reeder’s Alley


Walking tour is year-round, call to confirm openings for the Pioneer Cabin.
lat: 46.584925 long: -112.043507

A great way to get an overview of Helena’s early history is to explore Reeder’s Alley! It is the oldest area of the city. The buildings located in Reeder’s Alley were originally constructed in the 1870s. Visiting is a fantastic way to see how the first residents of Montana’s capital lived. Additionally, you can enjoy a pioneer cabin that was built in 1864 during the gold rush.  The cabin has been reconstructed to highlight the lives of the miners in Montana. It is the oldest standing building in Helena. Be sure to check out some of the locally-owned businesses that are located in Reeder’s Alley as well. There is also a self-guided walking tour to help you explore this historic district!


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