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Glacier Sun Tours

Glacier Sun Tours


Hours- Call for reservations and times
$70/adult, $40/child
lat: 48.4399925 long: -113.2125357

Sun Tours offers daily Blackfeet interpretive tours through Blackfeet Country and Glacier National Park in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Sun Tours is independently owned and operated by Ed and Toni DesRosier, enrolled members of the Blackfeet and Assiniboine Sioux Tribes. The tours focus on the history and culture of this landscape the Natives call the “Backbone of the World.”

Sun Tours was developed in 1992 when Ed reached out to the Glacier National Park to explore the inclusion of Native Blackfeet history and cultural aspects to their ancestral territory. At the time, there was a need for stronger interpretation of Blackfeet culture and its connection to Glacier National Park. Sun Tours created a program with Blackfeet guides who had extensive first-hand knowledge of the area. Through an all-encompassing history and their experiences within the landscape, they share the history of the Park, animal species, common plants, and roots used for nutrition and medicine. The history, culture, stories, and the spiritual and philosophical perspectives of the Blackfeet People are also shared during the tours.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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Old Buffalo Trail 3

lat: 46.9547545 long: -113.5255417
Hauser Hiking Trail

A trail starting at Hauser Dam and overlooking the Missouri River.

lat: 46.765794328365 long: -111.88708305359
Antelope Wilderness to James Kipp Landing

lat: 47.6274434 long: -108.6934195
Beaver Creek to Hauser Lake

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
Decision Point

lat: 47.9249036 long: -110.4985534
Rivers Edge Trail

lat: 47.517582 long: -111.2649299
Yellowstone River

lat: 45.511026613548 long: -110.58150009801
Tower Rock Trail

lat: 47.188617 long: -111.8101938
Hole in the Wall to Judith Landing

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Lewis and Clark Highway

lat: 44.97475 long: -113.44537
Lemhi Pass Road

lat: 44.9579032 long: -113.3652553
Judith Landing

lat: 47.7408449 long: -109.6284022
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