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Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park

Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park


lat: 47.1075757 long: -104.7255917

Glendive’s Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park, located in Jaycee West Park, offers a fun, thrilling experience for skaters of all ages and skill levels. Built in 2014 with private donations, the skate park includes features designed by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, an avid skater, skate park designer and Montana native.

For families road-tripping through eastern Montana, the Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park makes for the ideal stop where kids can stretch their legs and get their hearts pumping.

The park was built in 2014 in memory of Brett Finch, who died in 2007 after a car crash on Christmas Eve. Fitch was an avid skater and a positive influence to all that he came in contact with in and around Glendive.

Please note that the skate park is designed and intended for skateboard use only. Bicycles and scooters are prohibited.

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