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1810 House

Step into this historic old homestead and be  reminded of the courage of the pioneers who cleared, settled and cultivated the area. The 1810 House is is one of the first three brick structure homes…

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20 Brix

20 Brix is a Wine Bar, Restaurant, and Wine Retail Store located in the historic district of Downtown Milford in Ohio. The food offerings located at 20 Brix are made from scratch using locally sourced…

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American Sign Museum

The American Sign Museum is dedicated to the art and history of commercial signs and sign making. The American Sign Museum is proud to be the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the United…

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Annual Paul Bunyan Show

The Paul Bunyan Show is a celebration of the forest industry in Ohio that offers something for everyone! Professional Loggers, Forest Landowners, Portable Band Saw Owners, Wildlife Enthusiasts, High Production Sawmills and the general public…

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Ariel Opera House

Nestled in the hills of Southeast Ohio is the 1895 opera house known as The Ariel Opera House. Located in the historic district of the French town of Gallipolis on the Ohio River, the Ariel…

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Aronoff Center for The Arts

The Aronoff Center for the Arts is better known to Cincinnatians as simply The Aronoff – a nod to Senator Stanley Aronoff, whose vision for a performing arts center in his hometown came to fruition in 1995.…

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Ault Park

Ault Park is perhaps Cincinnati’s most picturesque park. Located in the village of Mount Lookout, just north and east of the city, this park is filled with tons of trails, old buildings, and pretty views.…

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Bayberry House Bed & Breakfast

Escape the noise and rush of everyday life and return to a simpler more elegant era at the Victorian Bayberry House Bed and Breakfast guest houses. Whether a business trip, getaway with friends, or romantic…

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Bethel Historical Society & Museum

The Bethel Historical Society is dedicated to promoting and teaching the history of the Bethel community by providing an educational environment for visitors to understand and learn from previous generations. In the museum the society…

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Betty Zane Days

Sponsored by the Martins Ferry Volunteer Fire Department, this five-day event, named after the legendary local Revolutionary War heroine, celebrates the community’s rich history and takes place in the City Park, 401 S 4th St.…

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Bite believes that eating local is part of a bigger picture, the slow food movement. A movement that believes the future of food is the future of the planet. That food should nourish a healthy…

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Blaine S Bridge

This unique bridge is Ohio’s Official Bicentennial Bridge; Ohio’s oldest bridge and longest “S” bridge. Constructed on a part of the first federally funded national highway, the 1828 “S” Blaine Hill Bridge carried early travelers…

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Blue Ash Chili

Cincinnati is synonymous with chili. Spaghetti topped with the perfect blend of beef, chili powder, cumin, allspice, and cinnamon coalesce perfectly to form Cincinnati’s namesake and omnipresent food. Blue Ash Chili, just 15 minutes north…

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BoardRoom46 started with a group of busy working women, who wanted to paint and create DIY signs – while giggling and having a glass of wine – but also have results that look pro. Easy,…

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Boba Cha

For those looking for variety in beverages, Cincinnati can provide plentiful bounty. In regards to smoothies, slushies, and a drink known as bubble tea, Boba Cha, a small bubble tea store on 1606 Main Street,…

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Bow Tie Cafe

The Bow Tie Cafe in the neighborhood of Mount Adams in Cincinnati is an excellent local coffee shop. Here, everything is done right, the vibe is great, the service is prompt and friendly, the interior…

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Cadence Vault Gastropub

Cadence Vault Gastropub is a great spot for a group outing because it has everything you need: drinks, food, and a good time. Wood-fired pizzas and other delectable dishes are available here. Lots of locals…

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California Woods Nature Preserve

California Woods Nature Preserve is a 113-acre forest with a designated nature center located on the very east end of Cincinnati. This preserve is perfect for the whole family, with various trail lengths and difficulties.…

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Campus Martius Museum

Campus Martius Museum was built on the site of the original stockade, built by the Ohio Company between 1788 and 1791. The name, Campus Martius, chosen by the Ohio Company, comes from Latin for Field…

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Captina Creek Birding Trail

There are five stops along the birding trail that include the marina at Powhatan Point, the Captina mainstream at Alledonia, Raven Rocks, the south fork of Captina Creek at Rainbow’s End and Dysart Woods. See…

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