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Ault Park

Ault Park


Open daily 6:00am to 10:00pm
(513) 321-9876
Admission to Ault Park is free
lat: 39.1320088 long: -84.4102556

Ault Park is perhaps Cincinnati’s most picturesque park. Located in the village of Mount Lookout, just north and east of the city, this park is filled with tons of trails, old buildings, and pretty views. At 224 acres, there is plenty of room to lose yourself in the immense natural beauty that the park possesses. The lower valley of the park has trails where you’ll see deer, birds, lizards, and wildflowers. Meanwhile, walking through a seemingly enchanted thicket of large trees surrounded by hills, small cliffs, and a quiet creek. Perhaps the coolest part of these trails is the old railroad bridge that comes up when you take the bottom up trail. 

In the springtime, go to the top of the park to see blooming cherry blossoms, flowers, and people walking their dogs. Moreover, there are also plenty of places to stop for a picnic and take in views of Cincinnati and the Ohio River.


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