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1810 House

1810 House


Visitation at the Aaron and Mary Kinney Homestead runs from Sundays, June-November from 2:00-4:00pm or by appointment by calling the Scioto County Welcome Center.
lat: 38.7475286 long: -82.9883821

Step into this historic old homestead and be  reminded of the courage of the pioneers who cleared, settled and cultivated the area. The 1810 House is is one of the first three brick structure homes in the county and is the only one still standing. The materials used in building lthe house came from the land on which it stands. Imagine if you will, oak and walnut for the frame and floor, stone for the foundations and clay for the hand pressed bricks from the from the building as it rose beside a spring of clear water. many furnishing new to society was first used by the Aaron Kinney family and are on display in the house. One of the first Franklin Pot Belly Stoves east of the Mississippi River stood on the iron platform and is still in place in the master bedroom.

The first carpet in the county was made by Mary and Anna Kinney. Anna spun dyed and wove the materials into shaded colored blocks of carpet for the floor after she had seen the luxury in Philadelphia. The 1810 House was occupied by three generations of the Kinney family.

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