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Wilderness Inn

Wilderness Inn


lat: 46.1479984 long: -115.5938515

The Wilderness Inn serves as both a motel and restaurant for customers traveling to or from Lolo Pass in the Bitterroots. If you ever find yourself near Kooskia, Idaho along the Lewis and Clark trail then Ryan’s Wilderness Inn is the place to stay. Whether you just back from a fishing trip and want a place to rest or just want to sit down and have a nice mean, this inn in the place for you. This inn offers some of the best food available, from a simple burger and fries, to a tasty pork tenderloin sandwich, or a nice chicken fried steak. So come on by and enjoy a nice meal along with a friendly atmosphere on your trip down the trail.

Wilderness Inn is located a short distance from the confluence of three rivers: the Lochsa River (translates “rough water”), the Selway River (translates “smooth water”), and the Middlefork of the Clearwater River.

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