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Wild Columbia Salmon- Hood River

Wild Columbia Salmon- Hood River


Call ahead or check website to determine availability.
lat: 45.7085723 long: -121.5046931

Wild Columbia Salmon retail’s daily caught salmon off the Columbia River and tributaries. Our best indicator of what fish is available is information provided by the Bonneville dam fish counter’s. They will stop at every camp and place they know Indians are fishing, scaffold fishermen have to provide salmon for the buyers on weekends. When Gill net’s are in the river, the Salmon are in abundance. All of our camp’s are fishing with several crew’s fishing the Columbia River. Sunday’s Yakama’s cannot fish, so Monday morning a fish buyer better knows Umittila, Warm Spring’s and Nez Perce Indian’s.

Our prices are 10$lbs on filleted King Chinook Salmon vacuum packed frozen, and our alder smoked King Chinook Salmon is @24$lbs. Will deliver for large order’s in the Portland area, we do not ship sorry.

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lat: 45.8164674 long: -116.2673554
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lat: 45.8164674 long: -116.2673554
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