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Waterloo, Illinois

Waterloo, Illinois


Waterloo is always open
Waterloo is free to visit
lat: 38.3358857 long: -90.1498341

The City of Waterloo (Not to be confused with the famous Napoleonic battle) offers small-town ambiance — located in the heart of Monroe County, Illinois —  with access to metropolitan amenities, being just 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis. Waterloo offers its visitors a great deal of beauty and historic charm, such as the Bellefontaine House and Peterstown House, both historical houses within the region. Three museums, such as the History Museum of Monroe County which offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience displays and changing exhibits, are also available to visit and learn about the region.

Waterloo also offers many unique restaurants and boutiques, three golf courses, beautiful parks with exciting outdoor recreation, exceptional festivals and events, a weekly farmers’ market and many other activities great for all ages and lifestyles!

Be sure to visit the city website to find out when the numerous events and festivals are planned so your trip along the trail is as amazing as you want it to be.

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