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The Klein Museum

The Klein Museum


Monday-Saturday 9AM-Noon, 1PM-5PM / Sunday-1PM-4PM
lat: 45.5501267 long: -100.450116

Situated adjacent to the Missouri River, ancestral Lakota Sioux Lands, and a bustling railroad- Mobridge South Dakota was founded in 1904. When visiting a new region with such rich geographical history, visitors want to take in the important sights, sounds, and culture. A museum visit often does the job. Museums offer guests the ability to travel through time by analyzing ancient artifacts, household items, art, and literature of a bygone era. This is exactly what visitors get when they visit the Klein Museum in Mobridge South Dakota. 

This community museum offers the perfect indoor respite for travelers looking to escape the harsh weather present in the old American frontier. Guests at the Klein Museum will have the opportunity to tour the well-maintained grounds filled with antiques, art, and history from one of the most hotly contested locations in the United States’ history. Visitors rave about the nostalgia factor that is elicited here through the well maintained American artifacts from a simpler time. The curators have created an environment where people can learn and gain a more holistic understanding of life in an American Frontier town.

The site features an assortment of well-preserved American relics. People can put themselves in the shoes of a child discovering more about the world in the old school house, they may gain perspective by visiting the preserved Native-American mud house. Visitors may learn more about the frontier lifestyle by viewing the dental operator, barber shop, or tracker’s cabin. Children in particular are encouraged to take in the glow in the dark geode room. No matter what the group is, there are plenty of fascinating exhibits to take in for the whole family at the Klein Museum. 

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