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Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost


The property is open year round
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lat: 47.0058299 long: -107.3270293

Pete Daly built a log roadhouse at this site in 1863. Unlike most roadhouses of the time, which provided meals, companionship and a place to stay for weary travelers, Daly’s was allegedly a hangout for Montana’s most notorious criminal gang – the “Innocents”. It was reputedly lead by Henry Plummer, the Sheriff of Bannock and Virginia City. His deputies were supposedly members of the gang.

According to legend, the Innocents watched travelers stopping here on the Virginia City and Bannock Road. If they look like easy targets to the crooks, there were plenty of places to rob them in the wilderness between the two mining camps. Although not a member of the Innocents, Daly was well aware of their activities. Most of the members gang, including Plummer, were killed by the Vigilantes in early 1864.

The two story log building that stands here now was built by Mr. Daly in 1866-67 and functioned as a more traditional stage stop.

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