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Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park Trails System

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park Trails System


lat: 45.8341598 long: -111.8627751

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park has almost 10 miles of trails to be used by hikers and mountain bikers. They are moderately difficult due to the mountainous terrain, gaining as much as 1000 feet in elevation overall. Varied opportunities from a more level two mile route, to a rugged 7 mile loop used each spring for the Bozeman Running Company’s race course. The Greer Gulch Loop is a self-guided nature trail and is closed to all but foot traffic.

Manager’s Hint: Because the Park normally gets less moisture than all the surrounding area, trail users hit the park hard in spring as these are the only trails open. For less traffic and a better experience with nature, use the trails in the fall or early/late in the summer’s cool.

The park brags excellent bird and wildlife watching opportunities with some ranger-led treks occurring throughout the summer. A fishing access site on the fringe of the park’s borders provides water recreation possibilities on the Jefferson River.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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Old Buffalo Trail 2

lat: 46.9547545 long: -113.5255417
Ryan Dam

lat: 47.5695678 long: -111.1240541
Eagle Creek to Hole in the Wall

lat: 47.8317525 long: -110.074063
Lemhi Pass Road

lat: 44.9579032 long: -113.3652553
Coal Banks Landing to Eagle Creek

lat: 47.7400888 long: -109.6276312
Explorers at Portage

lat: 47.4925734 long: -111.3073279
Lewis and Clark Pass

lat: 47.1427216 long: -112.4289137
Missouri River to Hauser Dam

lat: 46.7649385 long: -111.8858237
Blackfoot River Beginning

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Decision Point

lat: 47.9249036 long: -110.4985534
Russell Gates to Clearwater River

lat: 46.9502198 long: -113.3787584
Upper Hauser Lake

lat: 46.6822743 long: -111.8215701
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