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Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park
Family Fun Outdoor Adventure
7277-7337, State Secondary Highway 416
Billings Montana 59101


Open 5am to 10pm daily
(406) 657-8371
Entry is free for the whole family
lat: 45.7416544 long: -108.5339917

Inside Riverfront Park just south of Downtown Billings, approximately seven miles of trails can be explored along the legendary Yellowstone River. Bring a picnic lunch and dip your toes in the water! The park offers leisurely walks or bike rides along the Yellowstone River.

Riverfront Park boasts an abundance of foliage and is a great place to take in the wildlife. Located in this beautiful park there are plenty of natural areas with a trail system running through the park. Lake Josephine is also located here. Around the lake there are three park shelters available to rent for your outing.

Volleyball courts, picnic sites, BBQs and toilets are all available for public use.

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