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Multnomah Falls and Lodge

Multnomah Falls and Lodge


Open daily from 9am-6pm
lat: 45.5774848 long: -122.1173557

Oregon’s tallest waterfall (620 ft.) is just 30 minutes east of Portland and 30 minutes west of Hood River. Offering scenic splendor and a gateway to the Gorge’s Waterfall Corridor, the waterfall is the most visited outdoor attraction in the Pacific Northwest due to its constant flow and proximity to the Historic Columbia River Highway. The falls are fed by rainwater and snowmelt, and its steady stream runs year-round, making it a four-seasons attraction. The¬†highest volume comes in winter and spring, and the waterfall sometimes freezes partially¬†at the height of winter.

Located at the base of the waterfall, Multnomah Falls Lodge built in 1925 has excellent views and is home to a restaurant, gift shop, espresso bar and U.S. Forest Service interpretive center.

The I-84 parking lot is the only way to access to the falls; parking or stopping is not allowed on the historic highway. It  is recommended visiting at off-times, ie. early morning or mid week.  You can also take a guided tour or a shuttle.

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