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Discover Washougal Art Map

Discover Washougal Art Map


lat: 45.5811472 long: -122.3538195

Be surprised and delighted with the amount and quality of public art that can be found in Washougal.  Pieces represent a variety of mediums and have been created by local, regional and nationally renowned artists.

Make sure you find each of the Four Elements pieces depicting Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  The project was commissioned by the Washougal Parks Committee, funded by community donations and created by members of the Women Who Weld organization.  Travel between these four kinetic (moving) pieces is exactly one mile.

History lovers will especially appreciate the many historic depictions to be found.  Head to Cottonwood Beach to see the sculpted canoes representing Lewis and Clarks provisional camp in 1804.  See the stained-glass panels in the Two Rivers Heritage Museum depicting past area industry.  Take a selfie with the bronze sculpture of Seaman, the Newfoundland dog owned by Meriweather Lewis and traveled with the Corp of Discovery. Stop by Washougal Library and see the mural created by renown Native American Artist, Toma Villa, honoring Princess White Wing, the Chinook woman who is considered the Mother of Washougal.  And that is just naming a few.

When you discover Washougal be sure to look along the main street, in many corners of the city and throughout its parks for beautiful works of art.  Download and print the Discover Washougal Art map to lead you on your journey.

The art map was developed by the Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance.  They raise funds to bring public art to Washougal and help to elevate community interest in art through hosting an annual Washougal Art Festival each August, working with student artists to create public art and hosting to the Washougal Youth Arts Month Gallery each March.

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