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Cottonwood Beach at Captain William Clark Park

Cottonwood Beach at Captain William Clark Park


lat: 45.5672423 long: -122.3401364

On March 31, 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark established a camp at Cottonwood Beach while they secured provisions for the return trip through the Columbia River Gorge.
They remained at Cottonwood Beach for six days, which is the longest period of time the Corps of Discovery camped at any site in Clark County.

Almost 200 years later, a multijurisdictional effort celebrated the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial in 2006 by opening Captain William Clark Regional Park at Cottonwood Beach.
In addition to the existing water access at Cottonwood Beach, the 93-acre park also features multiuse trails, restrooms, historic interpretive elements, picnic shelters and parking lots.

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