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Montana Grizzly Encounter

Montana Grizzly Encounter
Family Fun
80, West Bozeman Hill Road
Bozeman Montana 59715


Spring (May 1st): 10am - 5pm Thursday - Monday Summer (June 1st): 10am - 6pm Wednesday - Monday Fall (September 1st): 10am - 5pm Thursday - Monday Winter (November 1st): 10am - 4 pm Thursday - Sunday
Under 3: FREE, Children 4-12: $6, Adults 13-64: $8, Seniors 65+: $7, Season Passes are available
lat: 45.6639312 long: -110.8340425

Montana Grizzly Encounter is a Grizzly Bear Rescue and Education Sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana. Here, each bear is equipped with the best possible bear care.

Since 2004, some bears have been rescued, and some were born in captive situations where they will never gain experience to be successful in the wild. Montana Grizzly Encounter believes that grizzly bears are a valuable and worthy part of our wild natural heritage that deserves our protection. Our goals here at Montana Grizzly Encounter are to give each bear a spacious and natural home while also providing people the chance to learn and understand grizzly bears from a close perspective. Ultimately, our research is designed to guarantee that grizzly bears will continue living in the wild.

Come support and observe a grizzly bear’s life and learn how Montana Grizzly Encounter is working to ensure that there will be bears in our forest for generations to come.

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