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Bridger Bowl

Bridger Bowl


Open daily during the winter, depending on weather conditions. Check the website for the opening date.
(406) 587-2111
$70 per adult for single day, $58 for half day, $40 per day for seniors, $45 per day for junior (13-18), $30 per day for child, free for those under six.
lat: 45.8173562 long: -110.8966184

Since its opening in the 1940s, Bridger Bowl has been one of Montana’s most popular ski sites! There are over 2,000 acres of skiable land, and the highest elevation is over 8,000 feet. The Ridge Terrain area offers challenging skiing for even the most experienced skier! The resort also has areas for snowboarding! It is accessible by car from Bozeman, and by plane from the BZN Airport.

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