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Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial

Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial


Wall and grounds open 24/7 Welcome Center and Museum open daily 11AM - 3PM (Closed Easter Sunday)
Donations Appreciated
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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a tribute to the dead and missing soldiers of the United States’ longest and most unpopular war. Perryville, Missouri, building begins on the only full-sized, black granite wall replica.

One of our founding members and largest donors, Jim Eddleman, fought valiantly in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam conflict. He carried several – severely wounded – to the medevac helicopter. Jim told himself in 1968, that if he survived, he would one day do something to honor his comrades and others who’ve served this country. Over the years, he experienced financial success and is now finally able to fulfill the pledge he made in Vietnam.
After talking with friends and fellow veterans, he decided that Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial would be his way of providing a lasting tribute to America’s veterans.

In addition to his significant contribution to the memorial, as well as donating 46 acres of land that has been in his family for three generations, Jim hopes his story will be an inspiration for others to not just support the memorial, but honor those who have served.

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