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The Missouri Theater

The Missouri Theater


Varies on event schedule
Ticket prices vary with each event
No pets allowed
lat: 39.7661111 long: -94.8511111

The Missouri Theater is a taste of the grand style of days past.  This beautifully restored 1927 landmark offers an ideal auxiliary meeting site or entertainment venue.  The Missouri Theater is equipped for nearly all types of stage events.

The Missouri Theater was built in 1927 as a movie theater and vaudeville house with state of the art equipment and carried on it’s life as a movie house until it was closed in 1970.  It was designed by the Boller Brothers of Kansas City, with plaster work and design done by Waylande Gregory and was owned and operated by the Dimenski/Durwood Brothers.  It was built and continues to boost the Moorish palace design touting Asian, Assyrian, and Hittite and Persian motifs.  It was purchased by Town Hall Center and later by the City of St. Joseph and was renovated and reopened in 1979.

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