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Missouri River Rafting / Guided Raft Tours On The Missouri River

Missouri River Rafting / Guided Raft Tours On The Missouri River


7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Tours scheduled on an individual basis
$50 per passenger
Pets cannot be accomodated on this excursion
lat: 42.8372919 long: -97.2000419

The Missouri River is a beautiful natural treasure that still promises adventure, a chance to view birds and wildlife and a peaceful escape from the cares of the day! Missouri River Rafting offers guided raft tours on the Missouri River.  An experienced oarsman will guide your party of up to six passengers down 12 miles of the river.  Two trips are offered: one is a 12 mile float upstream from Saint Joseph, Missouri, the second is a 14 mile float from Saint Joseph, Missouri to Atchison, Kansas.

For those interested in Lewis & Clark history this is the best way to be introduced to some of the vistas along Missouri, and is also a great excursion for spending a few hours on the water to relax. Missouri River Rafting also offers shuttle service for paddlers with their own watercraft wishing to explore the waterways of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas on their own. We hope you come explore the Missouri River with us!

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Trails

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Trail of Tears Access

A boat ramp that allows visitors to access the Trail of Tears

lat: 37.4539977 long: -89.4625079
Klondike Park River Access

lat: 38.5840552 long: -90.8200764
Lewis and Clark Memorial

lat: 38.57843 long: -92.1714
Noren Access Path

lat: 38.5894 long: -92.17918
Fort Bellefontaine

lat: 38.827083 long: -90.214293
Bean Lake Natural Area

lat: 39.49763 long: -95.02227
Lewis and Clark Nature Trail

lat: 38.77314 long: -90.4821
Miami to Big Muddy

lat: 39.32615 long: -93.22803
Klondike to Mississippi River

lat: 38.58395 long: -90.81858
Tower Rock

lat: 37.63554 long: -89.51586
Front Loop

lat: 38.82679 long: -90.21614
Taylors Landing

A boat ramp to the beautiful Missouri River with a peaceful view of the river.

lat: 38.94831 long: -92.53559
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