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Lewis & Clark Caverns State Parks Volunteer Options

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Parks Volunteer Options


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Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park will sponsor the following events in 2018:

Earth Day (April) – trails maintenance and weed remediation (pulling and cutting mullen heads)

National Trails Day (June)– some activity to encourage trail use (last year was an informal contest but could be guided trail treks, a geocache event, a race … was left open for the 900 hour AmeriCorps member to have some creative options)

Cave Sweeps (mid-June – mid-August) – accompany a trained staff guide on Sunday/Tuesday Wild Tours to provide an extra person for emergencies – trained to use the radio or assist someone from the cave – or to stay behind should a visitor opt to forgo one of the off-trail rooms. Must commit to a minimum of three dates to be worth the training involved; must be 18 yrs. or older and caving experience preferred.

National Public Lands Day(September) – cave restoration; training for 1/2 hr early am then cave cleaning through noon.

We also have volunteers serving as docents at the visitor centers (museum interpreters and provide park orienteering). Can be any day but must commit to a minimum of 5 dates to be worth the training involved. Works best if volunteer lives close to hand as we have no on-site housing.

Parks try to offer at least one First Day Hike (January 1st) in every region. The caverns usually opt out because we just came of the grueling candlelight tour season. If I could meet with someone to discuss planning, I would really welcome an interpreter to lead such a trek January 1, 2018!

We also host the following that never incorporated volunteers, but could:

Spring Volunteer Recruitment Activity (to be determined by the 1700 hr AmeriCorps member)

Rocky Mountain Grotto Annual Meeting (April) – park prepares the room, a Saturday meal/cleanup – not much work but a great chance to connect with cave explorers!

Birding Day (June)

Backcountry Hike (June) -so far has had low attendance, so less likely to need help

Music Days (July22 & August 25) need good musicians or someone to assist with setup and takedown

Bat Week programs (August) – great opportunity to do a day of porch programs or an evening hike focusing on bats

Stargazing overnight campout (late August or early September)

End of Season Volunteer Recognition Activity (to be determined by the 1700 hour AmeriCorps member).

Lots of options. Tom was not in today but I welcome him to add more if he thinks of anything. If this is a bit overwhelming, we could just get your contact’s email and invite them every time we host an activity. Thanks!

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