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Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Lewis and Clark Trail State Park


Every Day: 6:30am-7pm
A WA State Parks Discover Pass is required to visit and must be displayed in your car. They can be bought online or at the site for $10 for a day pass, or $30 for an annual pass. Camping is $20-30 from Apr 1-May 14 and from Sep 16-Oct 31, and $27-$37 from May 15-Sep 15. Camping is closed during winter season
lat: 46.2884154 long: -118.0725089

The Lewis and Clark Trail State Park is a pocket of lush vegetation in the center of the golden plains of southeast Washington, almost mimicking a desert Oasis. This sentiment was echoed by Lewis and Clark, who stayed at this spot in 1806 on their way home from the Pacific Ocean, and wrote in their journals about the interesting contrast of the unique vegetation in such an arid area. Whether it is the flora of ponderosa pine and cottonwood trees, the fauna of red-tailed hawk and fish, or the walking trails and river recreation options, there are endless things to see and enjoy to spend a few hours with the family, or even camp a night or two before continuing on your journey along the historic trail.

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