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Dayton’s Jolly Green Giant

Dayton’s Jolly Green Giant


This roadside attraction is free to visit and photograph at any hour.
lat: 46.3073891 long: -117.9992849

At 300 feet tall, Dayton’s Jolly Green Giant is one of the largest roadside attractions in Washington. Employees of the Green Giant vegetable company planted the original Giant in the 1970s using colored grass. In 1993, the company used colored paving blocks to create a new Giant half a mile east of the original in order to ensure its visibility year round. Today, there is a smaller 5-foot version of the mascot with panels detailing this history at a roadside pull-off. The pull-off is about a mile west pf Dayton on the North side of US-12. It’s the perfect place for a photo-op hugging the mascot with the football-field-sized Giant on the hill in the background.

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