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Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum

Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum


10 am to 5 pm Monday-Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm Sunday
$5 for adults, $2 for children
Dog Friendly!
lat: 38.7729209 long: -90.4823482

We are a living, working museum. The Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum brings the remarkable journey of 1803-06 to life at our riverfront base of operations in historic St. Charles, Missouri. And we share the story of the Expedition at destinations throughout the Midwest via our unique traveling fleet of replica boats and our experienced corps of re-enactors, the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles.

Located on the Missouri River, near where Lewis and Clark set off on May 21, 1804, we house three full-size replica boats on the lower level, viewable any time. Upstairs, the Museum features dioramas depicting the full journey, displays of the geology, Native Americans in the area, the journals and maps, smaller replica boats and a classroom featuring a 40 minute video in the classroom.  Our outdoor spaces include a Museum patio with a wonderful view of the river and a nature trail. The gift shop features local crafts and a wide range of books and educational items.
Especially for youngsters and school groups, we have an animal scavenger hunt and science puzzles, with a staff comprised of former teachers who can answer your questions and offer suggestions for your journey.

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