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Tara Point Inn and Cottages

Tara Point Inn and Cottages


lat: 38.9722785 long: -90.4438171

Located less than a mile north from the banks of the Mississippi, Tara Point represents the quintessential midwestern getaway. With great views of the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and a serene campus to boot, Tara Point is an idyllic romantic getaway for all couples. It was mentioned as such in the Midwest Living magazine where they penned it “the riverside romantic retreat.”

Beside views of the majestic Mississippi or the idyllic surroundings, Tara Point reigns supreme in other ways. The site has everything from small cottages to corporate housing to romantic rooms for couples. The staff at Tara Point takes guests’ time seriously, and as such offers free continental breakfast every day. This takes the stress out of figuring out what to eat in the morning for those eager to explore all Grafton, Illinois has to offer. 

Grafton Harbor is also just minutes from Tara Point. Here visitors can visit the winery, bar, oyster-bar, or take a boat-tour down the mighty Mississippi. Nature lovers can take the short drive over to Pere Marquette State Park to experience the best regional park for bald eagle watching from December to February. 

Whatever your reason is for visiting Grafton, Tara Point is the perfect spot to stay and visit the surrounding area. 

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