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Independent Brewing Company

Independent Brewing Company


Sunday:12–9PM Monday: 12–9PM Tuesday: 12–9PM Wednesday: 12–9PM Thursday: 12–9PM Friday: 12–9PM Saturday: 12–9PM
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lat: 40.4377098 long: -79.9195099

Independent Brewing Company opened in 2014 with a mission to serve beer brewed by independently owned breweries. Located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Independent Brewing Company, both a tavern and restaurant, houses primarily Pittsburgh-based brews, but keeps a few taps open for “world class beers from, small independent breweries from around the globe.” Independent Brewing Company is named after a conglomerate of breweries, formed through a merger of 15 Pittsburgh breweries.

With a vision to represent small local breweries from the Pittsburgh area, Independent Brewing Company allowed member breweries to maintain independence, while acquire ingredients and sell to market with the heft of a shared brand. The name was lost to history books until the tavern and restaurant was opened.

Independent Brewing Company has an ever-evolving beer menu and tap, however you can always expect to find a “selection of the best Western Pennsylvania-made beer supplemented by a curated selection of the best beers brewed around the world.” Furthermore, the servers are well versed in their knowledge of the beers on the menu, from flavors to guided options.

And to satisfy your hunger, the food menu is just as tantalizing as the beer menu. If you are interested in a celebration or just for kicks, there is even a cake and pie menu! You can preorder a custom cake for any special occasion, with variations of flavors of cake and frosting it makes for a wonderful location to celebrate.

Independent Brewing Company is a company that epitomizes Pittsburgh  with its rich history, delicious, food and local brews. Supporting local small breweries and embracing small brews from around the globe, Independent Brewing Company offers visitors a real taste of Pittsburgh.

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