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Frick Park Nine Mile Run Trail

Frick Park Nine Mile Run Trail


Open 6am to 11pm daily
lat: 40.4340962 long: -79.9035703

Though its name may say otherwise, this trail stretches 3.5 miles along the banks of the Monongahela River. It is one of the many trails that are housed within Frick Park, tracing the lower edge of the park and then continuing on until it reaches the river itself. The trail is well-groomed with a mostly gravel base, allowing for visitors to bike, run, or hike along its path. Parking is available at either end of the trail as well. 

Before the trail came to existence, this area was used as a pollution dumping ground for large factories, with some areas having pollution piled up to ten stories high. The area, being a natural wetland, also dealt with frequent flooding, which created a very undesirable mix. A combination of volunteers and anonymous donations allowed for the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association to begin restoration of this area, turning it into an area so vibrant that you would never be able to guess its past conditions. Improvements are still being made as well.

The Parks Conservancy has begun the process of installing wooden supports and paneling throughout the trail, which will allow for year-round usage. In the meantime of these improvements, though, the trail is still open, usable, and ready to be explored!

Set off on your tour of Frick Park on its longest trail! For a trail map or more information, visit

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