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Historic Middletown District

Historic Middletown District


lat: 38.901456 long: -90.17657

The historic Middletown District in Alton is perhaps the most architecturally significant and aesthetically pleasing locations in all of Southwestern Illinois. Once the center of life in Alton, this location serves as a symbol of a bygone era of extravagance, wealth, and architectural beauty. The families of Alton’s Middletown once encapsulated the dreams of a region. These esteemed families once supplied a heavy amount of Alton’s wealth and leadership, and their homes show this. These beautifully elaborate Victorian mansions give us a glimpse into the predominant architecture of a time long gone.

Henry and East Twelfth Streets offer the best vantage to check out the historic homes, though the whole area is beautiful and very walkable. The old style brick sidewalks line the way toward the picturesque Haskell park with a cute Victorian playhouse. Visitors are also encouraged to pick up some doughnuts, a cake, or other sweets at the Duke Bakery at the corner of Henry and East 9th. Come for a picturesque walk along the historic streets of Alton today!

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