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Mississippi Mud Pottery

Mississippi Mud Pottery


Sun-Mon 12-4pm Tuesday CLOSED (by Chance) Wed-Sat 10-5pm
Prices vary. Visit our website or showroom to learn more
lat: 38.890097 long: -90.181585

A step into Mississippi Mud Pottery is a step into founders’ Chad Nelson and Felicia Breen’s pottery studio.

With a wheel in the showroom, visitors can watch the pair create new pottery while browsing the shop’s wide selection of handmade and unique stoneware. From mugs and plates to ornaments and soap dispensers, there’s something for every shopper at this East Broadway shop in Alton.

Mississippi Mud was one of the first businesses recognized by the Illinois Office of Tourism’s Illinois Made program, which honors the makers, creators and artisans that are the backbone of Illinois’ locally-owned business community.

Stop in today and watch as they create new pieces in the shop, right before your eyes!

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