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Hickory Canyons Natural Area

Hickory Canyons Natural Area


4:00 AM - 10:00 PM daily
(573) 883-7097 or (573) 290-5730
Dogs must be leashed.
lat: 37.8724648 long: -90.3023083

Two trails in Hickory Canyons Natural Area offer interesting views of the area’s distinctive bluffs and canyons. In Hickory Canyons a number of unique plant communities grow, especially on the cool, moist cliff faces. Look for partridge berry, various ferns liverwort, and club mosses. In the bottoms grow rattlesnake plantain, spicebush, pawpaw, and deciduous holly.

In May you might smell the wild azaleas before you see them! Next to the parking area is a one-quarter mile trail leading to a steep-walled, horseshoe-shaped box can-yon. If there has been rain lately a 40 foot waterfall tumbles from one end.  Across the road is a hilly, rocky 1 mile loop that passes by steep sandstone bluffs, through the oak, maple, pine forest, & over a scenic creek. In the winter icicles may form on the rocks!

Directions: Take Highway 32 west from Ste. Genevieve or east from Farmington to Route C. Go north 3 miles and turn left on Sprott Road. Travel west 1.5 miles to the parking lot at 8388 Sprott Road.

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