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Brix Urban Winery and Market – Locally made Mead and Wine

Brix Urban Winery and Market – Locally made Mead and Wine


Saturday 11a-5p Sunday 11a-5p Open special events. Check our social media and Google for updated hours.
Patio is pet friendly. All pets must be leashed.
lat: 37.9799791 long: -90.0454141

Brix Urban Winery and Market makes and sells locally made Mead and Fruit Wine. They have a fun atmosphere that is not your traditional winery, blending the craft beer world with wine making for a unique experience. Their wines and meads are made on site in small batches. The labels are artistically designed and their wines and meads taste delicious. Here are only a few of their meads and wines. Brix also has carbonated mead on tap, slushies, flights, a gift shop of handmade artisan goods, events, and entertainment. They have spacious indoor and outdoor seating and are located in the historic downtown and within walking distance of the town’s attractions.

  • Cherry On Top – A dry cherry and wildflower honey mead
  • All Burn! – A caramelized wildflower honey, whole vanilla bean and coffee mead
  • Dare Devil – A bourbon barrel aged peach wine
  • Magnetic Midnight – A blackberry, wildflower honey, vanilla bean, and clove mead
  • Pedal to the Meadow – a strawberry and meadowfoam honey mead
  • Kaleidoscope – a strawberry and fresh basil mead

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